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Jazz: Eyal Lovett mit neuem Album „Tales From A Forbidden Land“ im Konzert

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Jazz: Eyal Lovett mit neuem Album „Tales From A Forbidden Land“ im KonzertEyal Lovett gehört nicht zu der Sorte Musiker, die sich mit einem Genre zufrieden geben. Klassisch ausgebildet, hängte er ein Jazzstudium hinten an und fühlt sich hier ebenso zu Hause wie in der Musik des Mittleren Ostens und seiner Heimat Israel. Wie würde er sich selbst als Musiker beschreiben?

„I guess the first answer that comes to mind is that I’m searching for depth and meaning in things. My music, performance and everything. I’m also very committed to high standards of music as I perceive them, and I want my music first of all to speak to the audience, tell a story. All the other elements of the music should benefit the expressiveness and the depth of the music.”

Konzerte führten sein Trio rund um die Welt, seine musikalischen Partner sind zahlreich, die Kritiker voll des Lobes: „“Lovett showcases his delicate touch on the piano with a tenderly heart-aching song that features  the pianist ability for story telling“ (all about jazz).

Nun ist das zweite Album des Eyal Lovett Trios „Tales From A Forbidden Land“  erschienen.eyal-lovett_trio1_tales-from-a-forbidden-land

„I choose this title because I feel it expresses several things that I was trying to achieve with the music – I’m trying to tell stories, and to touch points that i feel I have a unique perception about, due to my own history and experiences in life. The forbidden land is of course a metaphor for things beyond our reach. I guess for every person there’s their own forbidden land, for different reasons, may it be religious, cultural, psychological and so on. Lastly, I’m pointing to Israel and Israeli culture. I’m deeply connected to the vide variety of cultures that exists in Israel (growing up there) and you’ll find some arrangements on the album for beautiful Israeli songs that work wonderfully for an instrumental ensemble. I also feel that almost everyone has a narrow point of view about Israel, and being both from there and from here, I feel that I can sort of tell (in music of course), kind of „Behing the scenes“ about it.”

Man sollte nicht versäumen, die Band live zu hören, denn die Musik zieht einen in ihren Bann.

Samstag, 22.10.2016 Café Fincan, Berlin
Donnerstag, 27.10.2016 Zig Zag Jazz Club, Berlin
Freitag, 28.10.2016 Horns Erben, Leipzig



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