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Ein Moment mit … Pianistin Junghee Ryu

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Gestern Abend spielte Junghee Ryu im Rahmen der Konzertreihe „The Berlin Debuts“ im Kammermusiksaal der Berliner Philharmonie. (vgl. Feuilletonscout vom 12.3.2015  und vom 11.3.2015) Anlässlich des Konzerts gab sie Feuilletonscout ein kurzes Interview.

Ein Moment mit ... Pianistin Junghee Ryu
Junghee Ryu

Feuilletonscout: How was your contact with the New York Concert Artists established?
Junghee Ryu: In 2006, I was one of the pianists who participated in Mozart’s entire piano concerti series in New York City to commemorate the composer’s 250th birth sponsored by Yamaha Piano. Ms. Klara Min, who is also a pianist and currently a director of NYCA, was behind the project. Ever since, I have been invited to perform for many other venues proposed by her.

Feuilletonscout: What does the philosophy of the Society, which is breaking with conventions and forging new, artistic paths, mean to you when you interpret classical music for yourself?
Junghee Ryu: The notes have no meanings of their own. It’s the idea behind them that is what is so enduring to us. I always play as though I am delivering a message. While I perform, I have the privilege to speak on the composer’s behalf. It is important to me that I do everything I can to articulate the ideas as clearly as possible. In this day and age, this is not easy. The easy access of recordings have also made people expecting the consensus, the average. But art is not about the average, it is about vision. I want the composers to do the speaking through my fingers. The society encourages, nurtures this, and I am glad to be part of the endeavor.

Feuilletonscout: You will be playing Schumann, who is the NYCA’s spiritual father, during the concert evening. Does the composer`s mindset influence you in any way when you perform his pieces of music?
Junghee Ryu: I admire Schumann deeply, like many musicians do. However, I try not to over-indulge in psycho-analyzing him. It is my opinion that he was able to translate his thoughts and ideas on to the notes on the page. Who is to say our understanding of his mindset is correct and complete? What’s important is the gifts that he has given us, the music. We can’t help but to admire the creator. If anything, I prefer to understand Schumann’s mindset through his creative output rather than let our blurred assumptions of his mentality color his pristine creation.

Feuilletonscout: This is the first time you will be playing in the Berliner Philharmonie. Are you excited at all?
Junghee Ryu: Berlin is such a wonderful city and performing here is like my dream come true! I feel so excited yet nervous at the same time.

Weitere Konzerte im Rahmen der Reihe “The Berlin Debuts” finden am 13. und 27. April 2015 statt.

Thank you, Junghee Ryu!


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